December 9

The Globe

We are learning about imaganeriey writing,this is what I wrote.

”Everyone ready? my mum said” ”ready for what I said” ”to go around the world it’s going to be fun. Exciting. And peaceful my mum said”. Why do we need to go around the world why not go to Spain or Croatia why around the world? I said.


December 5

we have been working on descriptive language and here is my sentence.

Hattie and Harry play old and haunted with there family, while they huddle up spooked and scared.

November 30


Jets fast. loud. cool. Jets are a lot of money, i hope one day i can have a private jet. Jets are cool at night because you can see the flames spit out from the back. The flames are red. yellow. green.

Jets are old and new, jets glide like birds through the air.

November 30


Birthday. Fun. Exciting. Joyful. Waiting for someone to knock on the door so you can get your present. When you open your present you get excited. When you wait for another knock.

Knock. Knock. Knock when everyone is finally at your house you get to eat dinner. Then you cut the cake and after that everyone goes.

November 29

100 word challenge

Today’s prompt is we seem to be on the television

”Why am I here? I said to my self and why is there a lot of noise and light?I must be dreaming I said to my self. I walked out from behind the curtains then every one started chanting then someone walked out from the other side it was my mum. I said to my mum we seem to be on the television she didn’t reply I asked her again  and she still didn’t reply. I was thinking to my self why isn’t she replying she must not here me.

October 31


I see birds, flowers and trees. It’s light and sunny it feels like my top is turning into honey, birds chirping birds chirping birds chirping. I’m thinking to my self is there a door leading to another world of nature. I don’t care because i’m happy. Birds chirping birds chirping birds chirping.